When should I buy from China?

When should I buy from China?

Shopping can be a dream come true, but can also be time-consuming and confusing to the core. Buying from china can be tricky, without a China Buying Agent. It’s highly unlikely you will make it work if you think it’s straightforward, while you won’t find the motivation and courage to start if you think buying is rocket science. China is the center of business in today’s market and is responsible for ultimate business success as it is directly tied to China-based manufacturing. Now timing is the key to the best buying strategy and this is how and when you should buy from china:

Image by Markus Winkler from Pexels

Economic advantage:

If you are wondering if you should buy from China or not, understand that today’s economic landscape is ideal for doing the deed. 

  • First of all you can buy six percent more with the dollar as compared to previous years and many have predicted that the Chinese currency will drop further up to twenty percent.
  • Secondly, with the declining economy, many sellers are left with products in excess and are starting to drop their prices and freight prices are lowering
  • The world is becoming a digital hub and suppliers in China are working to improve their quality to beat the competition. 

Finding your Ultimate Provider:

There is a misconception that finding buyers from china isn’t an easy task, which is not the case if done right. The task is to locate a vendor that caters to your needs, project, preference and requirements. This will help you tap into suppliers that can do the job correctly as this phase makes or breaks your end product quality. If you’re new, a bit of research and looking around will go a long way

Let’s identify the type of sellers you will encounter: 

  • Reaching out to possible suppliers
  • Appraising quotations
  • Finding a champion

Communication is Difficult Due to Time Zone Differences

Buying online can cause issues in communication as there can be a sufficient time difference. There could be a pause between buyers and suppliers due to night and day. There is only a tiny opportunity of time when it is feasible for both parties to discuss the order. This problem is the reason many are reluctant to buy from china but can be solved. In order to buy, make sure to reach out to suppliers during their working hours and fully deliver your needs to them. 

Executing third Party Supplier Audits:

Have you selected the products and finalized the suppliers? Wait, you need to consult a 3rd party for sovereign audit and inspection of these providers. This will help you discover if the sellers are trust worthy and reliable as they compile their credentials, history, and material reviews. Their testing will tell you if their products are worth the investment or not. As a buyer you will be given the advantage of inspecting the products from an independent party view. 

Pre-shipment inspection

If not packed correctly, products can be damaged during shipping and delivery. That’s because fragile glassware and delicate objects need to be wrapped in layers of protection. As a buyer it’s your duty to find out the quality of packing as well as the method of shipment before making the final order.